Thursday 15th December 2011

9.30: Venue Faculty of Modern Languages, Polo Zanotto, Room T.1

9.45: Conference greetings

Professor Alessandra Tomaselli, Dean of the Faculty of Modern Languages

Professor Franco Piva, Head of the Department of Modern Languages

Chair: Silvia Bigliazzi, University of Verona

10.15-11.00: Andrew GURR, University of Reading – “The Tempest as theatrical magic”

11.00-11.20: coffee break

Chair: Annamaria Sportelli, University of Bari

11.20-12.00: Keir ELAM, University of Bologna – “A tempestuous noise: on the acoustics of storms”

12.00-12.30: Tobias DÖRING, University of Munich – “Learning to charm: on the force of words and the forgetting of language in The Tempest

12.30-13.00: Silvia BIGLIAZZI, University of Verona – “‘Dost thou hear?’: on the rhetoric of narrative on Prospero’s island”


Chair: Ewan Fernie, Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham

15.00-15.40: Martin BUTLER, University of Leeds – “The Tempest, Ben Jonson, and the masque”

15.40-16.20: David LINDLEY, University of Leeds – “Masque, music and the performance of The Tempest

16.20-16.30: tea break

Chair: Christa Jansohn, University of Bamberg

16.30-17.00: Lisanna CALVI, University of Verona – “‘Suppos’d to be rais’d by Magick’: performing The Tempest on the Restoration stage”

17.00-17.30: Peter KOFLER, University of Verona – “The missing script: on the first German performance of The Tempest in 1761”

17.30-18.00: Lucia NIGRI, University of Manchester – “‘Lost in visual pleasure’: Charles Kean’s production of The Tempest

Friday 16th December 2011

Chair: Angelo Righetti, University of Verona

9.30-10.10: Russ McDONALD, University of London – “Noises”

10.10-10.40: Richard ANDREWS, University of Leeds – “The Tempest and Italian improvised theatre”

10.40-11.10: Robert HENKE, Washington University, St Louis – “The Tempest, the commedia dell’arte, and Italian pastoral tragicomedy”

11.10-11.20: coffee break

Chair: Susan Payne, University of Florence

11.20-12.00: Kate McLUSKIE, Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham – “Abstraction and allegory: making The Tempest mean”

12.00-12.30: Roger HOLDSWORTH, University of Manchester – “Counterfeit presentments: Hamlet and The Tempest

12.30-13.00: Ewan FERNIE, Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham – “Faustus with a lawnmower”


16.00-17.30: La Tempesta. (Pre)testi, mise en scène at the Teatro Camploy

17.45-19.00: Round Table – Tavola Rotonda

Chairs: Angelo Righetti, Silvia Bigliazzi, Lisanna Calvi – University of Verona

Richard ANDREWS, University of Leeds; Paolo BERTINETTI, University of Turin; Rosy COLOMBO, University of Rome ‘Sapienza’; Giovanna GIANESIN CASERTA, Teatro Scientifico, Verona; Michele MARRAPODI, University of Palermo; Clara MUCCI, University of Chieti; Alessandro SERPIERI, University of Florence.

19.00: cocktail

21.00: conference dinner

Saturday 17th December 2011

Chair: Flavio Gregori, University of Venice ‘Ca’ Foscari’

9.30-10.10: Peter HOLLAND, Notre Dame University – “Magical realism: filming The Tempest”

10.10-10.20: coffee break

10.20-10.50: Alessandra SQUEO, University of Bari – “Shakespeare’s hypertextual performances: remediating The Tempest

10.50-11.20: Eleonora OGGIANO, University of Verona – “‘This is a most majestic vision’: performing Prospero’s masque on screen”

Chair: Lisanna Calvi, University of Verona

11.30-11.45: Presentation of recent publications

11.45-12.30: Alessandro SERPIERI, University of Florence – “The labyrinth and the oracle”

Download programme PDF: Programme_The Tempest at 400



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