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Satellite symposium: Native and non-native mediated discourse and the changing English language

February 14 - 16 2008  - University of  Verona, Italy


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Within the CONTACT project, co-funded by MIUR within the framework of the ECOLINGUA project, the Department of English Studies of the Catholic University of Milan is pleased to announce a Satellite Symposium on Native and non-native mediated discourse and the changing English language within the GlobEng: International Conference on Global English.


The symposium provides a forum for discussion on the role of English as a Lingua Franca with specific regard to the concept of mediated discourse in its various forms.

There is an increasing awareness that specific mechanisms are at work in the mediation process, which influence the kind of language used and the text which is produced. This is particularly evident when English is used as a Lingua Franca within international academic, institutional and professional settings where native-speakers are a minority.


The symposium will run alongside the parallel sessions of the GlobEng conference and will follow on from the plenary speaker presentations.


Sessions will be held on the following topics:


- Perspectives on ELF and non-native English

- Translated English as mediated discourse

- Mediated discourse: interpreting and dubbing

- Corpora and native and non-native English

- The CONTACT PROJECT on Mediated Discourse: State-of-the-Art




-         Symposium sessions

-         Posters



Programme (download pdf file of the programme here)



Thursday, 14th February: afternoon





Initial address

Aula 1.2

Margherita Ulrych


Perspectives on ELF and non-native English

Chair: Maria Luisa Maggioni


Donald W. Peckham, Karolina Kalocsai and Emőke Kovács

European students’ attitudes towards English as a lingua franca


Enrico Grazzi

Interlanguage transfer revisited. The Global English perspective and its pedagogic implications


Sara Gesuato

The progressive infinitival complement of the be going future: a globally emerging pattern


Coffee break 



Aula 1.2

Translated English as mediated discourse

Chair: Roberto Cagliero


Viktor Becher

The increasing use of sentence-initial adversative conjunctions in German: A case of English influence via translation?


Svenja Kranich

Application of the cultural filter in German covert translations of English popular scientific texts. Evidence from the use of epistemic modal markers


Friday, 15th February: afternoon







Aula 1.2

Mediated discourse: interpreting and dubbing

Chair: Margherita Ulrych


Chia-Chien Chang and Michelle Wu

Address forms shifts in mediated Q&A sessions in international conferences


Christopher Taylor

Dubbing into English – an alternative translation strategy


Silvia Bruti and Maria Pavesi

Interference in dubbing: evidence from interjections


Coffee break 



Aula 1.2

Corpora and native and non-native English

Chair: Jocelyn Vincent


Sung-Woon Lee

A corpus-based analysis of the language of English news in Korea: Language transfer and  socio-cultural  differences


Silvia Bernardini and Federico Gaspari

Translation universals and spontaneous non-native production: towards a modular English/Italian corpus


Saturday, 16th February




Aula 1.2

The CONTACT PROJECT on Mediated Discourse: State-of-the-Art

Chair: Graham Dalton


Amanda Murphy

Features of non-native written English – a case study of documents from the Editing Service of the European Commission


Simona Anselmi

Translational perspectives on mediation-specific patterns of language behaviour


Costanza Cucchi

ELF in the European Parliament


Sonia Piotti

The rhetoric of financial and accounting reporting in Annual Company Reports: hedging in corpora of native and non-native English







Pierfranca Forchini


The American Movie Corpus: a database for mediated language studies

Monica Pedrola


An overview of translation for embassy websites

Marcella Spano


Nominalization and encapsulation in medical discourse: a corpus-based study



Scientific Coordinator:


Margherita Ulrych


Scientific and Organizing Committee:


Margherita Ulrych, Maria Luisa Maggioni, Roberto Cagliero, Costanza Cucchi, Amanda Murphy, Simona Anselmi, Chiara Gorla, Pierfranca Forchini.



Submission: The deadline for abstract submission has passed. The programme will be published soon.

To register for the conference please go to the registration page.


Papers are encouraged which address the following topics:

-        Non-native speaker influence on the changing English language

-        Centrifugal and centripetal forces in mediated discourse

-        Translation quality assessment and native English expectancy norms

-        Translation Universals – State of the Art

-        Medium-specific variations of mediated English

-        Lingua Franca English and editing practices in academic, institutional and professional settings

-        Hybridity in mediated discourse

Contributions are invited for 20-minute presentations (plus discussion). Abstracts should not exceed 300 words in length (references excluded). They should be anonymous and should be sent as email attachments (preferably in pdf format or rtf) to: symposium.globeng-contact@unicatt.it


Please conform to the following specifications:

- Times New Roman pt.12 or equivalent font, single-spaced.

- Please do not include your name or any obvious form of identifiers in the abstract. This is because the abstracts will be subject to anonymous peer-review.

- In order to assist with the reviewing process, please also list up to 5 keywords in the email message

- Abstracts should be submitted as an attachment in rtf, or pdf format;

- Subject line of the email should be GlobEng_Contact and abstract title;

- Email message should include: Talk Title, Author's Name(s), Title(s), Affiliation(s), Contact Info (email address, postal address, telephone number, fax number)

- Abstracts should be submitted via email to:  symposium.globeng-contact@unicatt.it

Abstracts should reach us by 30 September 2007.


For further information:


E-mail: symposium.globeng-contact@unicatt.it



Important Dates:


- Submission deadline: 30 September 2007

- Notification of acceptance: 30 November 2007

- Early Registration: 15 December 2007

- Registration form and fees: see the registration page

- GlobEng: 14-15-16 February 2008




Sponsored by Dip.to di Anglistica, Dip.to di Psicologia e Antropologia Culturale (Universitā di Verona), Universitā Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milano).


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