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GlobEng International Conference on Global English 

February 14 - 16 2008  - University of  Verona, Italy




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·       Opening Session & David Crystal

·       Alan Maley

·       Jennifer Jenkins

·       Barbara Seidlhofer

·       Simon Sweeney

·       Final Panel


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» The photographs of the conference are now online at the following links:

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(photos by Anderson Magalhąes and Giulia Marascotti)

» The videos of the plenary events are now online at the following links:

·       Opening Session & David Crystal

·       Alan Maley

·       Jennifer Jenkins

·       Barbara Seidlhofer

·       Simon Sweeney

·       Final Panel


The Department of English Studies of the University of Verona is pleased to announce GlobEng: International Conference on Global English, to be held in Verona, Italy, from Thursday 14th to Saturday 16th February 2008.

The aim of the conference is to provide a forum for the presentation of research discussing issues related to the role of English as a global language.

The debate over the status of English as an International language has flourished over the past few decades and is still open to new developments.

Starting from the awareness of the undisputedly prominent role of English as a Lingua Franca in international communication, the fact that native speakers are currently a minority, compared to second-language users of the language, has been repeatedly highlighted.

The changing status of English has led to the emergence of a new linguistic scenery. On the one hand, the native varieties have become highly differentiated and acquired greater autonomy, while on the other, the rapid growth of a community of non-native speakers, thanks to increasing international exchanges, has triggered a reflection on the possible rise of a new International English, as opposed to the current native varieties.

A wide range of issues are brought to the fore in this connection, especially focusing on the possible evolution of the current scenario, both in Europe and in the rest of the world, with a reflection on (and a possible revision of) the notion of Standard, and the crucial implications that prospective developments might have on English Language Teaching (ELT).

programme includes plenary lectures by renowned scholars in the field, such as David Crystal, Jennifer Jenkins, Alan Maley, Barbara Seidlhofer and Simon Sweeney, and accepts proposals for 20-minutes papers (see call for papers).

The conference will host the Satellite symposium Native and non-native mediated discourse and the changing English language.

Scientific Coordinator:

Cesare Gagliardi

Scientific and Organising Committee:

Cesare Gagliardi,
Roberta Facchinetti, Roberto Cagliero, Marta Degani, Maria Ivana Lorenzetti, Paola Vettorel, Anna Zanfei, Elisabetta Adami, Anna Belladelli, Cristiana Chiarini, Cristina Gatti, Sharon Hartle.

email: globeng@lingue.univr.it

Throughout the conference a book exhibition will offer a wide display of subject-related books by the following Publishers: CUP, ELI, LONGMAN, MCMILLAN, OUP, ROUTLEDGE. 




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Sponsored by Dip.to di Anglistica, Dip.to di Psicologia e Antropologia Culturale (Universitą di Verona), Universitą Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milano).


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